What Mortgage Professional Have to Say About LoanSifter
"As our business expands and our volumes increase, we will continue to rely heavily on LoanSifter, but this is something we expected once we chose to work with a pricing solution. We work with more than double the investors now than we did three years ago."
Scott Thomas, Sr Loan Officer, Bank of Lake Mills
"LoanSifter is very important to our business and I think it will continue to increase over time as we grow as a company. The plan is always to increase our business, but as the business does improve, I feel LoanSifter will become even more valuable to our operation."
Edward Rogers, VP Operations, American Nationwide Mortgage Co
"LoanSifter's usability is the reason why we keep the product. Its pricing capabilities allow us to stay on top of rates and provide fast quotes to our borrowers. LoanSifter does not press the issue of add-ons, which a lot of other PPE providers do. It’s straight and simple to the point."
Erik Jorissen, President, Cornerstone Mortgage Group
"LoanSifter Banker has integrated extremely well with our LOS Encompass. When we were in the market for a PPE, LoanSifter stood out due to its interface which was easy to navigate."
Hany Rozek, Profit Manager, Vantage South Bank
"Having the ability to check mortgage insurance rates…within LoanSifter will not only help us respond to customers with a quick, clear and concise mortgage insurance quote, but will also streamline our overall pricing process while helping us stay compliant."
Corey Dubnoff, President of American Financial Resources, Inc.
"Having all of the LoanSifter features, which include the ability to get price quotes on different scenarios, robust secondary tools, DataTrac integration along with the ability to set up and assign different loan officer compensation plans, has given us a distinct advantage in the marketplace."
Jeff Young, VP of Secondary, Mortgage Services III
"LoanSifter has made the transition of incorporating loan officer compensation into our daily workflow easier than we could have ever imagined."
Jeff Young, VP of Secondary, Mortgage Services III
"LoanSifter uses my investors' data in real-time, automating our workflow."
Jack Terrell, President of California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.
"With LoanSifter's automated Product Comparison Disclosure document, I can ensure compliance and get a competitive edge with no added steps."
Jack Terrell, President of California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.
"As a banker using LoanSifter, my loan originators can offer the market a more competitive, more diverse product line. In the end, we can get our borrowers into loans with the best rate and product type for their situation."
Peter Prickett, President, FNB Bank
"We have found LoanSifter to be easy to use, comprehensive, and a powerful tool that will enable our LO’s to maximize their margins."
Secondary Markets/Lock Desk, FirsTier Bank
"This is a great tool and the 1st pricing engine I have trusted in my 15 years."
Jeffrey J., CO
"You guys are the best at what you do."
Alex D., Florida
"Thank you, Thank you…you’re the best…love you guys…"
Jose T., Florida
"I just received confirmation from the investor and you guys are correct. Their own lock desk had no idea. Maybe they need to replace their lock desk with Loanifter! "
Arthur C., California
"....your customer service and response time is second to none."
Sassan C., California
"LoanSifter is an amazing pricing engine."
Eric C., Virginia
"FYI, your team is BRILLIANT!!"
Michael L., Illinois
"I really appreciate it, as you’re helping my marketing efforts immensely!!"
Michael L., Illinois
"....this is the best website specific to our business that I have ever used!"
Rob M., California
"Excellent as always. Your customer service is top notch and always has been."
Brent M., Maryland
"Thank you guys so much. The AE quoted me incorrect pricing for 2 days on an approved loan in their system...you’re awesome...your screen prints convinced her she was wrong!:)"
Kathy C., California
"You are the only bright spot in a challenging industry."
David A., California
"Folks, if you are not using the bond chart with your clients to show them you are an expert in your field then you are missing out. "
Jerry H., Texas
"The addition on the bond chart is fantastic. Thank you LoanSifter for thinking outside the box and giving us more useful tools. "
Jerry H., Texas
"This is an excellent tool and its managed by very responsive, dedicated people."
John A., Pennsylvania
"The tool is wonderful and very helpful. We should have engaged the tool months and years earlier."
Jay S., Colorado
"I love the new bond tracking data!"
Jerry H., Texas
"Your customer service and responsiveness to critical and all issues is THE BEST."
Jim W., Washington
"Putting a prospect on an email campaign allows me to be more effective. The truth is it does my job for me. Once my client is in the system, I simply sit back and wait for them to call me."
Adam W., California
"Setting up email campaigns has never been easier. Information emailed to prospects can be tailored to however you or they want."
Adam W., California
"Your email campaign is simply brilliant. It beats the heck out of having to call my clients each time interest rates move a little."
Adam W., California
"Just called the lock desk and you guys were totally on top of it! "
Kimie S., California
"I'm constantly amazed you can maintain such a high level of customer support with the huge customer base you must have accrued by this time."
Tracey V., California
"I project the recent enhancements will increase my future commissions dramatically!"
Tracey V., California
"Of all the vendors I work with, LoanSifter is the most important tool I have added in the past 5 years."
Tracey V., California
"It's hard to live without the service. "
Gina S., Maine
"I can’t function without your product…without LoanSifter I’m at a loss."
Bobby B., New Jersey
"I am addicted to LoanSifter."
Deanna C., Minnesota
"Thank you - I love, love, love LoanSifter!"
David B., Arizona
"....the response time was excellent from Customer Service."
Gerard L., California
"You guys have impeccable customer service."
Mark S., Colorado
"Love LoanSifter 3.0!! Great product. Thanks for all your support Susan - you're a great friend to our company :)"
Steve P., New York
"Thank God for Zillow! I have closed 12 loans from Zillow leads!"
Brian T., Connecticut
"For some reason in Chase’s locking system the 45-day lock was pulling up the 60-day pricing. I’m working with them on it. Your system was correct. Thanks!"
Aaron T., Washington
"Once you use them, you’ll kick yourself for not using them sooner. I certainly did."
Robert P., Virginia
"…offer competitive quotes, stay connected to your potential clients, in the easiest and most accurate way…call upon LoanSifter."
Robert P., Virginia
"LoanSifter 3.0 is a phenomenal product. It is so easy to be visible to realtors and other potential business!"
Christopher L., California
"If you are not already on LoanSifter, then you should consider it. My clients love it and I get tons of referrals……money well spent."
Nicholas J., California
"Rate alert, rate watch campaigns, realtor pieces, etc. I don’t typically refer vendors, but this is the best money I have ever spent."
Nicholas J., California
"I can’t imagine running my business without LoanSifter. 3.0, an excellent system. You guys have done a heck of a job!"
Walter B., Florida
"I can’t compliment you enough on your new Consumer Pricing Portal. It is so good you should call it 4.0."
Steve H., New York
"3.0. It's a home run!"
Mike M., California
"BINGO!!!! We over looked that! Thank you for your quick and thorough analysis."
Mark R., Delaware
"Having been in the industry for a long time it is clear to me your team is really listening to your user community. Bravo. Excellent work with 3.0!"
Joe P., Florida
"I had a tour today of 3.0 with Michael and I wanted to let you know that I’m downright impressed with the complete quality of user experience. "
Joe P., Florida
"It took 2 hrs to thoroughly price out scenarios, especially with interruptions/distractions. With LoanSifter 3.0, it takes 15 seconds. I'm thrilled!"
Kimie S., California
"3.0 is most cool. Like the search display view AND I really like the Push feature for individual scenarios. "
James W., Washington
"I love LoanSifter 3.0. I'm really excited how easy it is to push a scenario directly to the email campaign. Amazing."
Julie V., California
"I love the new 3.0. Your email campaign spells out the points and monthly payment. Exactly what my customers want to see. That is huge."
Julie V., California
"I attended the live Webinar Training this morning. I love what your company has to offer with the new 3.0!"
Vickie N., California
"In 3.0, the redesigned campaign manager puts you in front of your client base with pertinent and relevant information, customized just for them."
Dale K., California
"The newly designed 3.0 search page, fully loaded with active client monitoring information at a glance, keeps your client base in front of you. "
Dale K., California
"LoanSifter, with 3.0, demonstrated once again they listen to their users, meeting the ever increasing and changing needs of the lending community."
Dale K., California
"It has to be nice to know we can’t live without LoanSifter. Thanks for being so helpful Dan!!!"
Sally B., California
"I’m getting more business through Zillow auto-quoting than I can handle. Working 12-14 hours daily, I had to pause it to allow me to catch up."
Ray S., Florida
"My apologies...LoanSifter is just soooo much better than the competition! Thanks for checking and the great response time!"
Eric W., Arizona
"LoanSifter has added 10 years to my life!"
Robert C., Florida
"LoanSifter enables us to provide our entire organization a simple and comprehensive strategy to find, evaluate, and propose the best available loan programs from our existing Lender relationships. This instant ability helps us ensure our organization, our originators, and most importantly, our borrowers, always get the most beneficial option available, period."
Mark C., Florida
"I am in love…..this is such a great product. Thank you."
Luis R., California
"I have waited my whole mortgage career for LoanSifter. It gives me an incredible amount of credibility with customers, as I can quickly answer issues such as rate availability and alternative options. I have tried the big name competition, and they are cumbersome, not user friendly, and inaccurate."
Timothy G., Texas
"LoanSifter is the best product I have ever used in my eight years as a loan officer. I use it every day to find the lowest rate for my client. It saves me time and makes me money. It is easy to use and I would recommend it to all loan officers!"
Phil L., Texas
"In today’s environment I don’t understand how any loan officer can operate without a pricing search engine. Between loan level pricing adjustments, credit score adjustments, LTV adjustments I believe quoting a rate without a good research tool is tantamount to committing malpractice. We have found LoanSifter to be fast and accurate."
Amy T., Massachusetts
"I have recently began using your automated quotes with Zillow and I am amazed by the results ! I have closed 4 loans as a direct result and have several in the pipeline."
David L., Massachusetts
"LoanSifter has been an excellent time saving tool for accurate up to the minute pricing. All of our LO’s officers are impressed with the ability to have everything at our fingertips as far as pricing , rate sheets, ability to lock and track loans."
David L., Massachusetts
"It works great on the iPhone. I love it."
Jack T., California
"We have used two other “higher priced” pricing engines prior to using LoanSifter. LoanSifter is more accurate, more cost effective, has more features that help us manage our pipeline and several additional tools for marketing our customers."
Philip S., Texas
"I use LoanSifter a ton and because of it, my business has really picked up to the point that I am usually not available to attend the lunchtime seminars that you have been putting on. Do you have your sessions recorded so I'm able to utilize LoanSifter to its full potential?"
Steve R., California
"Your customer service has been first-class. Prompt, polite, accurate, thorough and helpful."
Bill R., California
"This is a no brainer especially in this market. Terrific search engine that will save you time and make you money."
Tony S,, California
"I now know I was losing tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits before finding LoanSifter. HOLY COW!"
Laure F., Illinois
"LoanSifter can determine whether I’m in business next year."
David C., California
"Your customer service levels are extraordinary. We have just shifted over from another Product and Pricing Engine and hope to have business grow and add more user accounts with you."
Ilan A., California
"We love LoanSifter…it is so fabulous. We use it as a regular part of our prospecting campaign. Not only does it keep you up to date on the market, but more importantly, it keeps your name in front of your prospects on a daily basis. Today alone, I had 5 prospects get back to me asking for more information on the various customized loan programs. Rates are changing so rapidly. . .with this feature you are heads above the rest."
Debbie K., California
"I shared the Opportunity Monitor and Campaign Manager with our group and they loved the idea. I suggested they go on the training tab and review the videos (which are great by the way). We need to make a change and add a few more Loan Officers. I think it is vital that every Loan Officer has their own account! "
Ann Marie J., South Carolina
"LoanSifter provides my Bank with accurate pricing fast. We find it incredibly convenient to have LoanSifter sift through the 15 pages or more of each of our Correspondent Banks’ Rate Sheets, and within seconds LoanSifter accurately shows the best possible rates available to our customer with all of the various adjustments included."
Dorothy V., Illinois
"I love your system. It saves me a huge amount of time and has really helped me to provide the absolute best pricing to my clients."
Dan S., California
"In the first two weeks of using Zillow’s free leads and LoanSifter auto-quoting, I've priced out 561 leads and picked up 9 new loans. I'm able to spend my time more efficiently taking calls and applications instead of preparing quotes. The prospect knows what they want; they are calling just to verify and place the order."
Jason V., California
"I can immediately quote a rate on LoanSifter, it’s such a time saver! I don’t have to spend my time sifting through rate sheets. No more telling my customers, “I’ll have to get back to you"!"
CJ K., California
"Excellent follow up by your staff. Thanks! My questions were answered to my satisfaction."
Steve V., California
"I don't know how to price a loan anymore without LoanSifter. I need you desperately. Please get me up and running again. (after his credit card information expired)"
David S., Illinois
"I’m already stoked on LoanSifter. Used it this morning and found out about a bank I never heard of that has insane pricing!"
Ari G., California
"This is truthfully a great product that not only helps me from an efficiency, time and income basis but is helping me effectively market as well. I'm always able to quickly get help from the people at LoanSifter if I don't understand something. That really makes it even more valuable. "
Malcolm D., Texas
"Using LoanSifter, I am able to review all of the lenders' rates that I am approved with very quickly. I'm offering better rates to the client and making more on each loan. Right now I'm refinancing a couple of loans that I would probably not have done without using the Opportunity Monitor. I'm saving those clients impressive amounts on a monthly basis and they're most appreciative of the monitoring of their loans."
Malcolm D., Texas
"My feedback is that you guys are awesome. When I had pricing errors with BrokerBuddy, you would think I had insulted them. With BrokerToolz, they simply ignored my request. It's nice to work with a company that places value on customer service for a change. Need more of that in this industry."
Richard R., Georgia
"I want to let you know that when we are recruiting mortgage professionals for our branch one of the first things we do is present a demonstration of LoanSifter to our prospective new hires. The response is always amazement! The quickness, accuracy and all the other features the Sifter offers helps set us apart from our competition."
Mike G., Massachusetts
"The service LoanSifter provides, shopping and pricing my loan scenarios with the lenders I use is incredible. The service does in seconds what it took me hours to do. I now consider the service to be indispensable. I would no more consider going back to manually shopping and pricing loans anymore than returning to hand writing loan applications."
Michael F., Massachusetts
"LoanSifter saves me time, I don’t have to search through dozens of rate sheets to find the most competitive pricing. I can find the best rate and yield in seconds. In addition, I do not have to worry as to whether or not I took all the adjustments for credit score, property type, etc. LoanSifter takes all the adjustments into account and gives the net rate. It pays for itself with one deal!"
Donna I., Georgia
"LoanSifter is GREAT! Before signing up I would spend so much time researching lender rate sheets to find the best deal. Now I can go to one website type in my scenario and within seconds have my answer as well as Confirm and Lock the rate. This is a tool no Loan Originator should live without!"
Renee R., Georgia
"You guys nailed it. Out of 10, I give you a 10."
Stefan L., Texas
"You and your team are doing great! I really appreciate the client touch and very responsive customer service."
Alan D., California
"You guys were great. In fact I was just conducting a Webinar with 30 of our Loan Officers and I brought up your quick response to the question .... it was awesome."
Denise T., California
"Man, I am just thankful for this LoanSifter so that I don’t go blind reading rate sheets!!!! As I get more acquainted and more efficient using this I am looking forward to more time on the golf course!! "
Barbara H., California
"It was a true win-win situation and we are funding today. The way I see it, LoanSifter just paid for itself for the first 18 months with the extra $1,042 I made on that loan, but I made over $5,000 on the loan and I might have lost it if I hadn’t looked at that one lender. I am completely sold on your product and I love the new Point integration feature."
Hans B., California
"Chase offering $815 more on one of Hazel’s files. Never would have thought to check them. On top of that….it goes from a correspondent funding to broker deal. How you like them apples?"
Matt L., Georgia
"LoanSifter has instantly transformed the way we run our business. Increased professionalism, the power to provide instant quotes, not having to call a borrower back after an hour of pouring through rate sheets. It's put some kick in the step of my sales floor and I think my VP may now be able to go on vacation!"
Jeff C., Georgia
"Thanks. Your system totally rocks! I love it."
Hans B., California
"I can't believe how easy this is. I just push a button and wham, all my unanswered questions come to me in the form of numbers."
Steve B., Georgia
"I have been waiting for an application that will make our life easier and I’m so glad it finally arrived. Thank you and thank you again! "
Cecilio J., California
"I just had to tell you it's already paid for itself for a year! I was looking at the rates, a rep came in and distracted me, and after talking to him, rates went up as much as half a point. I went back to my saved file, updated it, and found a lender where it had not yet gone up, clicked on lock, went right to their lock page, and saved myself almost $800!"
Karen M., California
"I cant believe this software, now I can go home early and spend quality time with the kids."
Steve B., Georgia
"As a banker using LoanSifter, my loan originators can offer the market a more competitive, more diverse product line. Historically, our bank selected one rate for the day, for a limited number of products. With a LoanSifter, we’re able to adjust pricing in real-time, as the market fluctuates throughout the day. And we can do this with any number of product offerings. In the end, we can get our borrowers into loans with the best rate and product type for their situation."
Peter P., Wisconsin
"LoanSifter provides my Bank with accurate pricing fast. We find it incredibly convenient to have LoanSifter sift through the 15 pages or more of each of our Correspondent Banks’ Rate Sheets, and within seconds LoanSifter accurately shows the best possible rates available to our customer with all of the various adjustments included."
Dorothy V., Illinois
"I love your product! What a great tool to optimize a mortgage broker's time! Its like having an assistant to price loan scenarios without the overhead. In today's market it gives us a huge competitive yet cost effective advantage."
Shawn S., Florida
"I put a new VA deal together, got pricing from LoanSifter, put out the disclosure package and turned it over to processing in 30 minutes. If you aren’t using LoanSifter, you really can’t call yourself a professional broker."
Walter B., Florida
"I honestly don't know why every LO in this business wouldn't sign up for it."
Kathy C., Florida
"I've only had LoanSifter for 2 weeks and I already can't imagine life without it."
Rick P., California
"I have been using LoanSifter since I signed up. Have locked in three deals with lenders I didn't even realize could lend on specific properties. It's great, wish I had this three years ago! My whole team LOVES the program. I have no doubt it will be wildly successful. Thanks again."
Thomas M., California
"Where has this product been all my life? I have the system half set up and I am locking loans and quoting people easier. I love it. I wish I had this over the previous 16 years!"
John B., California
"From a personal perspective, we have used Loansifter in our office---every loan officer has it-------and it has been extremely valuable in what we do every day."
Joe T., Wisconsin
"Although there are less mortgage products out there today, maximizing revenue per loan is more important than ever, we all tend to lock with the lenders who have the most user friendly web sites, we end up leaving money on the table when we conduct our business this way, now more than ever every basis point is important."
Amy T., Massachusetts
"I just love what you guys have done. You've eliminated the need for three pieces of software I was using before. This lowers my stress and maybe I can leave work earlier a few days a week."
Robert L., Georgia
"You’ve got a great product and you will see great success with it. I’ll do my best to spread the word for you."
Tim G., Texas
"Everybody there has been great to work with. Thank you for your support. "
Christopher E., Kentucky
"I am really excited about this. Dan at our other office loves it."
Darlynn V., Massachusetts
"Look at you! You've thought of everything!"
Grey V., Georgia
"I’m mesmerized by the amount of benefits this program has to offer. It’s awesome!"
JJ P., North Carolina
"With LoanSifter, we were able to comparative shop and with the same rates make more money and in some instances target the money we wanted to make and lower the clients rate to close a deal we would not have closed otherwise. It’s already paid itself off for the next 20+ years after 2 weeks."
Nick W., Pennsylvania
"I’ve truly been amazed at how accurate the LoanSifter rates have been compared to the actual rates from the Lenders. Not to mention, we made close to $25,000 more on 7 loans in 2 weeks because the product recommended Lenders that we typically don’t use only because pricing the loan takes too much time."
Nick W., Pennsylvania
"This is sooooooooo awesome. We are so excited to work with you! Thank you!"
Diana D., Utah
"Thank you very much for the wealth of information that you provided to me. I also want to commend Amanda for her follow-up. She sent me two emails and called me; I wish my account managers had the same follow-up! "
Jeremiah M., California
"You guys clearly have a product that fulfills our needs. It is pretty impressive."
Grey V., Georgia
"LoanSifter saves me so much time in this crazy market. Instead of being on the phone all day with my reps or going through a pile of rate sheets each day I just click and I’m done!"
Spiro H., California
"Ken tells me that you've been extremely, extremely helpful. We look forward to continuing and have much to discuss. "
Andy L., Virginia
"WOW. Your response is the best customer service I've received in months. Excellent job! "
Dan F., Maryland
"Thanks for the follow up! You and your firm have great service."
Michael H., California
"LoanSifter is worth every penny. It's not brain surgery to set up. In goes a search, out comes your best product."
Stephen K., New York
"I need to track rates for my clients. When rates hit 5 ¼ they want me to give them a call. With your Opportunity Monitor, I can stay on top of this with very little effort."
Darren S., Colorado
"Your approach is simplistic. It’s GREAT. I respect everything you’ve done. Using your Campaigns feature, I provide a CPA/Financial Planner (one of my lead generators) with weekly rate updates."
Kristoffer P., Florida
"I wanted to thank you again for helping me get set up with LoanSifter. I have to say, it’s been one of the easiest interfaces and best and most accurate results. Very impressed. I’m looking forward to continued innovation from you guys! "
Nick W., Pennsylvania
Bill M., California
"The group here is talking very positive. Using LoanSifter has been one of the best decisions we've made this past year! "
Joe T., Texas
"I am loving what you guys are doing with this system! It is getting better everyday! Your staff is awesome and very responsive…..Susan is the best and always on the ball with helping and getting it done!"
Ed C., North Carolina
"This product answers all my questions."
Josh E., Oregon
"This is the greatest tool and I am very appreciative that it is available…"
Dawn L., Oregon
"LoanSifter saves me so much time, especially during these volatile market shifts with up to 3 rate changes a day."
Carlos F., California
"We should have more people signing up soon as well. They have seen the value of the tool."
Jeff A., California
"Although I just started using LoanSifter, I’ve already received several calls after sending out my first automated email campaign. I’m very pleased."
Brad W., California
"I really like the service you offer, it has saved us enormous amounts of time by finding best rates and pricing quickly. "
Michael W., California
"We hope to work with you guys for a long time, really helps in the way that we do our business. "
Tim M., Oklahoma
"Thank you for assisting us with setting up LoanSifter for my company. It’s only been 2 or 3 days and LoanSifter has helped us earn an additional $15,000!!! I think this is only the beginning. I think the real benefit will be the time and effort we’ll save from searching for the best rates and rebates which will allow us to do what we do best….SELL LOANS."
Michael W., California
"What a great tool this is for my business!!! "
Deborah Z., Colorado
"I've made 1/4 - 3/8 more on every deal I've run through LoanSifter. It's a GREAT tool."
Mark S., Colorado
"NYLX is not bad. It's just not close to what you do."
Dave G., Colorado
"Prior to you guys, the only options we’ve had are partial solutions that leave much to be desired. The industry has been crying for what you have to offer. "
Mark S., Colorado
"Some of the largest, most well-funded lenders can’t get it right. They have IT people designing systems, not mortgage people, and it shows. It’s obvious you have taken the time to get mortgage people involved in your product."
Mark S., Colorado
"I have nothing but good things to say about LoanSifter. It's a very useful way of providing the different results from the different lenders."
Tim S., California
"I’m very happy with LoanSifter – it’s been so fast and easy to do my searches and I appreciate the quick response I’ve gotten from customer service on a few questions I had."
Abbey F., Wisconsin
"Use it once or twice and you're an expert."
Kevin W., Wisconsin
"This is fantastic!"
David R., Maryland
"Very Nice. Very Nice. This is an excellent product. I'm impressed. I'm canceling my Broker Buddy account."
Jesse S., Delaware
"It is remarkably user friendly. This is amazing."
Christian L., Illinois
"No, thank you. LoanSifter is unreal!!!!! This is the next best thing to sliced bread and the cell phone. Thank you again."
David S., New York
"See you already helped me!! I forgot about the +.125%. I have to send it there, it’s a refer deal and they will do it. The other guys don’t. This is pretty cool. Good job! "
Paul H., Wisconsin
"Absolutely WONDERFUL. Saves me hours of work. Saves me lots of phone calls. You have to be an idiot not to use it. This is phenomenal. This is really good."
David S., New Jersey
"This is a useful tool. I've found it accurate and easy to use. Keep it going."
William T., New Jersey
"I really think you've got something here. This is fantastic. This is something vital for us, in order to survive during this turbulent time in the market."
Tim S., California
"You have one hell of a system! You've put a lot of time and energy into this."
Andy M., Indiana
"We’re HUGE LoanSifter fans – it saves a lot of time – for us and our client! "
Marcella B., California
"We’re shopping loans more quickly and accurately, and using the tool to augment our personal relationships with lenders. It’s pointing us in the right direction, while confirming that the rate is the best one that we can pass to our clients."
David O., New York
"With all the changes in the market, I can keep up now. I just had two cases where I was able to find new lenders for deals where my original lender now won’t do the deal. I really like LoanSifter"
Chad S., Indiana
"LoanSifter is well designed and user friendly."
Norman M., New York
"This is exactly what I wanted to do. I didn’t think it would be this easy. You’ve really set this up intelligently. I think it is great."
Michael H., Arizona
"LoanSifter is the best PPE I’ve found. It is the easiest and the most straightforward."
Heather S., Tennessee
"I think this is awesome. It saves us a ton of time."
Erika W., Nevada