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  • "As a banker using LoanSifter, my loan originators can offer the market a more competitive, more diverse product line. In the end, we can get our borrowers into loans with the best rate and product type for their situation."
    Peter Prickett, President, FNB Bank
  • "Having the ability to check mortgage insurance rates…within LoanSifter will not only help us respond to customers with a quick, clear and concise mortgage insurance quote, but will also streamline our overall pricing process while helping us stay compliant."
    Corey Dubnoff, President of American Financial Resources, Inc.
  • "LoanSifter Banker has integrated extremely well with our LOS Encompass. When we were in the market for a PPE, LoanSifter stood out due to its interface which was easy to navigate."
    Hany Rozek, Profit Manager, Vantage South Bank
  • "With LoanSifter's automated Product Comparison Disclosure document, I can ensure compliance and get a competitive edge with no added steps."
    Jack Terrell, President of California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.
  • "LoanSifter is very important to our business and I think it will continue to increase over time as we grow as a company. The plan is always to increase our business, but as the business does improve, I feel LoanSifter will become even more valuable to our operation."
    Edward Rogers, VP Operations, American Nationwide Mortgage Co
  • "LoanSifter's usability is the reason why we keep the product. Its pricing capabilities allow us to stay on top of rates and provide fast quotes to our borrowers. LoanSifter does not press the issue of add-ons, which a lot of other PPE providers do. It’s straight and simple to the point."
    Erik Jorissen, President, Cornerstone Mortgage Group
  • "LoanSifter has made the transition of incorporating loan officer compensation into our daily workflow easier than we could have ever imagined."
    Jeff Young, VP of Secondary, Mortgage Services III
  • "As our business expands and our volumes increase, we will continue to rely heavily on LoanSifter, but this is something we expected once we chose to work with a pricing solution. We work with more than double the investors now than we did three years ago."
    Scott Thomas, Sr Loan Officer, Bank of Lake Mills
  • "Having all of the LoanSifter features, which include the ability to get price quotes on different scenarios, robust secondary tools, DataTrac integration along with the ability to set up and assign different loan officer compensation plans, has given us a distinct advantage in the marketplace."
    Jeff Young, VP of Secondary, Mortgage Services III
  • "LoanSifter uses my investors' data in real-time, automating our workflow."
    Jack Terrell, President of California Mortgage Advisors, Inc.
6/11/07Prime & Alt-A Beta released