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Thank you for visiting Dream Home Funding to obtain a mortgage to purchase or refinance your home.  We offer the lowest mortgage rates in Texas.  Don't believe it?

Fill out the form below to receive a mortgage rate quote for your purchase or refinance loan scenario instantly.  Yes, instantly.  As in right after you fill out the fields below with your contact info, the following screen with basic info about the loan you want, and click "Get Results."  Within a few seconds the screen will refresh with quotes for the loan programs you requested.  If you are buying a home from a builder that has a preferred lender, read this  Please note that this tool does not accurately quote scenarios involving an existing or new second lien in addition to the first mortgage, please call so I can accurately quote that for you. Also, be aware that the lenders I use are frequently not the most competitive on jumbo loans. I have a much less expensive way to do those loans, but you will need to call to get a quote. When you use this function of my site you will not be added to an email list, and I won't contact you either unless I notice an error in your data entry.  I assume if you want to contact me, you will call or email me.

The closing costs listed below are lender fees only (including my compensation) that will appear in Sections A and B of the Loan Estimate and the Lender Credit from Section J.  If you want to shop, contact other lenders and ask what their LE Section A, B and Lender Credit will total for the interest rate you are interested in.  Whoever has the lowest fees for those items for the desired interest rate is giving you the best deal.  Make sure you get all the quotes on the same day around the same time because pricing changes from day-to-day and even during the day.  Any lender who can't provide that information within a minute is wasting your time.

In addition to the lender fees listed you will also have title fees and prepaid items (interest, taxes and homeowners insurance) that are not lender specific, and will be the same for all lenders you contact at closing.  However, every lender will estimate these differently up-front making accurate comparisons impossible and misleading if you include them while selecting a lender.  None of these have anything to do with your lender, so using them to shop for a lender is not a great idea. 

Step 1

For more information about which option (lower rate or lower fees) is better for you, click the "Loan Pricing" button under the "Doing Business With Us" tab.  Other combinations of rate/fees may be available.

If you are putting 20% or more down, escrows can be waived.  Check the "Property Taxes Waived" and "Hazard Insurance Waived" boxes above to see the correct pricing on your rate quote. Hazard insurance and taxes cannot be waived unless you are putting at least 20% down or have that much equity in the property if you are refinancing.

For VA loan pricing check the Military box. For USDA loan pricing check the Rural box. The closing costs shown for FHA, VA and USDA loans include the UFMIP, Funding Fee or Guarantee Fee charged by the agencies. Normally that fee is included in the loan amount, and you don't pay it in cash at closing, so subtract that amount from the closing costs shown unless you plan on paying it at closing instead of financing it. 

Click the closing cost amount shown for a breakdown of the closing costs. Negative amounts represent a credit that can be used to pay your other closing costs and/or prepaid items. 

Conforming loans are conventional loans with loan amounts under $453,100.00 that meet FNMA and/or FHLMC guidelines. Non Conforming (aka Jumbo loans) are those with loan amounts over $453,100.00 or smaller loans that do not meet FNMA and/or FHLMC guidelines.

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