Thank you for inquiring into NEXA Mortgage.

Listed within this tool is the pricing that you will receive at NEXA Mortgage at full compensation.

FULL Compensation
- Loan Officer/Team Leaders: 220bps
- Branch Manager: 250bps ($3M+ monthly volume average)
- Branch Manager Plus: 275bps (over $5M in single calendar month)
*** All compensation operates under a P&L model

Pricing Details
- All other normal closing costs would apply
- Any overage pricing will go to consumer as a credit

Step 1

Rates are subject to change at anytime and are controlled by factors in the overall market that are not within the control of NEXA Mortgage. We recommend locking your loan with one of our licensed Loan Officers.

This rate tool is intended for industry use only and is not intended for consumers. Consumers should contact NEXA Mortgage directly at 602-344-9333 for detailed rates to their specific scenario.
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